Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As if i need more proof im a nerd. I give you possibly the teengirliest* thing in my room. Quote wall! from books, radio, movies, music, youtube, and random junk my friends say. ANYWAY, it was a halfday today, so me and Sylvia played guess who after school, but instead of playing with physical traits we played with characteristics of our person (ex "Would you're person ever consider owning a cattle ranch?" "Does you person have any experience with drugs?" "Does you're person make his own applesauce from his orchard?" ) Basically the best game ever. Plus we came up with some really good personalities for teh characters.

*aside from a SIGNED Jobro poster. Yeah...i apoligise, was a n00b, and im not sure what i was thinking, but hey, i met them so that entitles me to atleast keep the poster up..because even if they're music is medicore, they're still pretty, or were, now they just look like tools. ;]

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JAMIE said...

1) Guess Who: Stereotype Edition = best game ever.
2) Sick nasty quote wall.
3) I have my poster up too. Boy, are they pretty (: