Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dolores's Sweet 16

Yesterday i threw dolores a sweet 16 fiesta at my house. It was fun!
We had a taco bar, and Ky and i baked a cake for dolores with a bunch of flowers we made out of marzipan. Then we played apples to apples in my trampoline, watched for bats and attempted to roast marshmallow in our pathetic fire. I've been in a pretty lousy mood lately so this cheered me up a lot :]

Friday, August 7, 2009

comeback kid

Hi blog! i missed you!

SO, as you might have noticed i've got a bit into sorta surreal-ish, bright, colorful self portraits. Im not really all into the ''self'' part of it cause it makes it very difficult to operate a camera when you can only have a 10 second self timer. Needless to-say i do alot of running back and forth. I wish i had someone to be a model for me but somehow i dont think people are into the whole ''pretend like your conversing with a stuffed polar bear'' thing. I dont know, i guess i'll just have to compromise my own sanity a until i get some volunteers.

I think i reason i may have given this blog up is because i couldn't *edit* like i used to with my school laptop. While i still use iPhoto its a really old really SLOW version. I've started editing on flickr ,which though limited with just a basic account, seems to do the job. I cannot stress the importance of editing, EXAMPLE.

See how much nicer!? Perhaps a tad too bright but still, it beats the original.
Im feeling like making a come back. See you soon blogger!