Friday, August 7, 2009

comeback kid

Hi blog! i missed you!

SO, as you might have noticed i've got a bit into sorta surreal-ish, bright, colorful self portraits. Im not really all into the ''self'' part of it cause it makes it very difficult to operate a camera when you can only have a 10 second self timer. Needless to-say i do alot of running back and forth. I wish i had someone to be a model for me but somehow i dont think people are into the whole ''pretend like your conversing with a stuffed polar bear'' thing. I dont know, i guess i'll just have to compromise my own sanity a until i get some volunteers.

I think i reason i may have given this blog up is because i couldn't *edit* like i used to with my school laptop. While i still use iPhoto its a really old really SLOW version. I've started editing on flickr ,which though limited with just a basic account, seems to do the job. I cannot stress the importance of editing, EXAMPLE.

See how much nicer!? Perhaps a tad too bright but still, it beats the original.
Im feeling like making a come back. See you soon blogger!

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