Monday, March 2, 2009

99/365 It stung like a violent wind, that our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds.

Today i went for a walk with me dog, and a ton of segauls started swarming us, it was crazy, but i actually really like seagulls, i want one, i would name it lenny.
I seriously think that would be sweet.

PS: Emily! Im sorry i picked you in english, it will never happen again i promise, you can like photo challenge me or something (as long as its not another number month hahah)


Emilygrace said...

oh my goodness!!!
i LOVE the top one!! and the one of you against the wall! where was that?
and it's ok about English.. hahah
I would take you up on a challenge, but i know you would beat the crap out of me.. but we'll see.

Colleen said...

hahahah thanks :D
Its like the upper parking lot of sears and it looks totally ghetto and all those seagulls were coming to attack me haha.

Hmm im not sure what kind of challenge to do either, how bout sleep oni it, and see if we come up with any good ideas :]