Thursday, June 18, 2009

200/365 200 marks a terrible day.

Today has been terrible.
My toe has hurt really bad for the last couple days but i figured it was just like a 'no big deal i just clipped my nails to short' sort of thing. WRONG.
My toe got really infected and hurt to walk on and it ended up making my entire foot, and my ankle swell up.
So today my mom took me to the podiatrist and they did an emergency surgery thing. I had to have a crap load of anastesia numbing stuff injected in to my big toe and it hurt so bad! But they ended up cutting off like the side of my nail so it wolnt get infected again. And the doctor said if i had waited a day later i would have had to go to the emergency room and have a bunch of IV's stuck in me because i had a blood infection and it was going to spread to my joints. OH, and also, now im at risk of catching mersa because i have an open wound, and people die from mersa.

The doctor said i shouldnt go to school tommorrow but i atleast have to go to 3rd period because of my stupid math final :[

So basically i have to wear this horriblly ugly, stupid boot that makes me look like a complete tool for the next week or so. It sucks. Im really mad about it because i wanted to wear cute sandals and this is cramping my style.

Im sorta pissed.

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