Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3, random acts of cupcakes

So.. Funny story behind these cupcakes.
Today a bunch of friends and i decided to go to my house after school and bake some cupcakes for fun. When we were taking the bus home there was a couple freshmen boys who were sort of staring at us and when they got of they were like "Bye girls!" and then they kinda watched us when we walked home. SO since they lived on my block for a while i knew where theyre house is since its only a few houses away from mine, we decided we would bring them some of the shorewood themed cupcakes we made. hahah it was great, We were walking up their driveway and they opened the door before we could even ring it and all i managed to say was " HI! ...WE BROUGHT YOU CUPCAKES...WELCOME TO SHOREWOOD! " and then he said thanks, took the cupcakes, and closed the door.

I love freshmen.

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Emilygrace said...

that's awesome! haha